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6.5. Add bleeds

Add bleeds is a program that adds bleeds to the documents that do not have one. Missing bleeds are probably the most common error when generating PDF-files sent to the printing house. It even happens to experienced designers. The use of the Add bleeds program may save in some cases the work of the author, with whom, for example, there is no contact and it is impossible to regenerate the correct file.

Adding bleeds consists of cutting from the original PDF narrow strips from each side and placing them under the page (or above the page) with simultaneous extension (size change) of the downloaded section to the border of the new size - the "old" one (without bleeds) increased by new values of added bleeds.

This method of adding bleeds only works in certain cases - when elements in the PDF have edges reaching the edges of the pdf at a 90° angle. In other cases (especially reaching arches) the final effect may not be satisfactory.

How does this program work?

Step 1. On each side of the original document, a section of the content is taken with the parameters specified in the Sample Width and Sample Distance from the edge – for each side separately.

Step 2. The downloaded material prepared in the previous step - PDF sample - is stretched to the gross area border (new PDF-size).

Step 3. The action from the second step is repeated for each edge and each corner (the corner is the common area of the two samples, e.g. the upper left corner is the common area of the left and upper sample, the scaled corners are placed over the scaled sections. The original image of the page can be placed above or below the samples. There is no rule which option is better – it is always better to check both options and choose a better one.

The functioning of the Add bleeds – program does not give satisfactory results in PDF-files, in which the elements on the bleeds are not perpendicular or parallel to the edges (e.g. curves, gradient fillings at an angle).

PDF files after processing have an added phrase “--AB” (Add Bleed) to the original file name.

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