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6.21. Add cutting ploter markers

Add cutting ploter markers is a program that on pre-impositioned imposition sheets draws the markers required by selected plotter models.

PDF files after processing have an added phrase "--APM" (add ploter markers) to the original file name.


  • There are 5 marker types available.
  • A parameter called Size is also often called a protection field.
  • The thickness of the marker cannot be greater than its Thickness.
  • The number of markers on the top X axis can be 0.
  • The number of markers on the bottom X axis cannot be less than 2.
  • Indirect markers (between corner markers) can be drawn as LONG or SHORT.
  • The PDF pages on which the markers are placed are determined by selecting the range: All, Even or Odd.
  • For some types of markers, a FEED EDGE can be drawn, i.e. a line defining the left side of PDF.
  • The resulting PDF can be rotated 270°.
  • Distances between markers are counted from-to the center of the marker mark.
  • The height of the resulting PDF can be adjusted by changing the values of the left and right margins. Changing these values is also possible by specifying the result PDF width, determined by the element visible after pressing the right mouse button on the control arrows "L/R" (in the range from the minimum width to +500 mm).
  • Pressing the Process all PDF files from the folder... button (visible after expanding the arrow to the right of the START button), will add markers to all PDF files in the indicated folder.


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Because the Impozycjoner program does not allow you to generate PDF with layers - prepare a two-sided imposition file, where one of the pages has a picture to be printed, on the other - pre-impositioned cutting tool. Both sides should have the same size. If the size of the pages are different (but the sizes of the blanks and graphics are good) then all pages should be centered in the use’s field. The plotter's model decides on which side (with print or with dies) markers should be drawn. Each page of the resulting PDF is saved in a separate file.

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