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6.16. Add folding marks

Add folding marks program draws folding tags in the PDF document. The tags are drawn in the area of bleeds. On the part of the user, it is important to ensure that PDF has bleeds and that all pages in the PDF are the same size.

PDF files after processing have an added phrase “—FC” to the original file name.

The position of the markers is counted from the point 0,0 – which is the upper left corner of the recognized net size (TrimBox).

The distance (H) from the net edge can have a negative value, which means that the drawn marker will be drawn in the target area (net) after printing.

The defined marker layout can be saved in the list of schemes – under an existing name or new one (just simply enter a new name in place of the existing one).

Folding schemes are saved in the following file: MyImpozycjoner/Settings/Folding_AM.txt.

The position of the fold marks is defined on odd pages. Markers on even pages can be drawn like on odd ones, they can be drawn as a mirror image (vertical, horizontal or vertical and horizontal simultaneously). You can also omit drawing tags.

Pressing the "Test" key will generate PDF-file, in which all defined folding tags are drawn through the entire printable field - for the optical check of the correctness of the defined scheme. Such files should not be used later during imposition. The "Test" files have the added phrase "--FC_TEST" to the original file name.

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