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6.2. Cut PDF pages

Cut PDF pages is a program, that devides (cutts) selected PDF-pages into parts, the number of which is determined by the product of columns and rows.

The resulting PDF size is equal to the quotient of the size of the page being processed and the number of columns or rows. This size will be increased by the value of the tab.

If the value of the overlap > = 5 mm, it will be possible to add the following sheet description R: (line number)/(total number of rows) C: (column)/(total number of columns).

Overlaps can be marked by drawing a line at their border. Disabling drawing lines marking the border of Overlaps - by entering the value 0 in the element defining their length.

Switches in the group “Overlaps on the edges” marked on the LEFT/RIGHT and BOTTOM/TOP are used to indicate the edges to which the overlaps will be added.

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