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6.20. Draw the eyelets on the banner

Draw the eyelets on the banner is a program that marks the place where the banners have eyelets. In addition, it allows you to divide the banners into blocks (panels).

While loading a PDF-file with a banner, a copy of it in low resolution (10 ppi) is generated and this preview is displayed along with the drawn markers. While generating the final file – the low resolution preview is converted to the correct file.

Sometimes the preview generation fails. It depends mainly on the computer's parameters. The wrong preview is displayed in the form of a white or grey application. After all, you should try to generate the final file, despite the wrong preview.

All options that allow you to adjust the parameters of elements drawn by the module, are grouped in 5 expandable panels:

  • panel: Margins for the wrap;
  • panel: The number of eyeletes on the edges + position;
  • panel: The size, type and color of the eyelet;
  • panel: Banner's description;
  • panel: Banner cutting.

Panel: Margins for the wrap

The program reads PDF-sizes as MediaBox sizes (not TrimBox). The size of the margin to be wrapped in the file must be specified manually. You can also generate a new margin. The margin generated by the program can be filled with a color or a fragment of the banner. The final amount of the wrap margin is the sum of the margin added by the program and the margin available in the file.

Panel: The number of eyeletes on the edges + position

The program allows you to set the number of eyeletes on each edge independently. The change in the number of stitches on the top and left edges also changes the number of stitches on the lower and right edges. Changing the number of stitches on the bottom and right edges does not affect the other edges. If the number of eyeletes on opposite edges is different, this fact is indicated by a red color. Information about the spacing between the eyelets on the upper and lower edge (T/B) and separately on the left and right edges (L/R) is given above the banner preview.

Eyeletes’ markers they can be drawn from the side of the wrap or from the front of the banner.

DRAW EYELETES switch enables the work of the banner paneling module without drawing an eyelete.

Panel: The size, type and color of the eyelet

Switching on MARK THE EYELETE'S CENTER button draws an additional cross on the vertical and horizontal axis of the eyelet. The ON / OFF switch draws the eye as transparent or filled.

Switches NET FRAME and GROSS FRAME mark appropriate banner’s edges.

Panel: Banner's description

The banner description (PDF-file name or custom text) is drawn just to the left and right edges of the banner.

Panel: Banner cutting

The program allows you to divide the banner into parts (blocks) by providing the number of cuts vertically or horizontally. It is possible to adjust the position of each cut in the range of +/-100 mm. Each of the parts can have a tab with a specific width - from the left/right part (solid) and from above or from below.

The number of cuts is not remembered as the default.

A continuous cut is shown without a overlap. Dashed line - overlap added. The individual parts are marked with the column number and row number.

Nazwy plików wynikowych

The result files are named according to the scheme:


Potential problems

Problems with the correct functioning of the program result mainly from the size of the files being processed.

  1. The procedure for generating a low resolution preview sometimes fails. After all, you should try to generate the final PDF-file.
  2. You should remember that the option that fills the added margin for the wrap of a banner fragment, will increase its size by 8 (in bytes). With files in the order of several hundred megabytes, this will almost certainly end in error.
  3. Filling in the margin added by the program is based on drawing a colored rectangle with size equal to the size of the target page under the PDF-file. Keep this in mind if the processed PDF contains transparencies.
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