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6.1. Rotate PDF pages

Using "Rotate PDF pages" you can rotate selected pages in PDF.

NOTICE! Pages rotated using the PDF browser are not really rotated, the PDF browser for the pages rotated with it adds only a marker, informing the browser that it should display pages rotated by the given rotation angle. However, the grid references of objects on the page remain unchanged.

Attempting to load such PDF-file into the program will display a message about the presence of such rotated pages in the file and the loading of the file will be interrupted. In this case – before loading the file in the Imposition pages table – add the “true” rotation to the selected pages.

You need to indicate such a PDF-file, set the rotation angle to 0 degrees and turn on ADD ROTATIONS PERFORMED IN THE PDF READER: YES. A file with the same name as the file being processed with the added word -–RT will be created on the disk. Such a converted file should implemented into the program without any problem.

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