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4.12. Folding scheme

Folding scheme is being marked in the program Impozycjoner with a draft of three-word phrases separated by a colon. The number of phrases is equal to the number of folds.

The phrase consists of a letter, a number and a letter. The letter shows, which part of the sheet is being folded (R – right, L – left, T – top, B – bottom), the number shows the place of the fold (2 – in the half, 3 – in the 1/3, if e.g. the letter is L that means that the sheet will be folded in 1/3 from the left side, the last letter is the folding direction (U – under the rest part of the sheet, O – over the rest part of the sheet).

Additionally, alternative markings used in some printing houses are given in brackets (X – cross folding, V - folding in half, Z and C - folding into three parts).

The guiding principle when deciphering the devise of the folding scheme is to arrange the sheet with the first page at the top. The second is that the page with the lowest number does not change its position.

Example 1: L2U:T2U:L2U for a sheet consisting of 16 pages


L2U – such a devise in the second group of digits and numbers means folding with Left part of the sheet into 2 parts and hiding the missing part Under.


T2U – such a devise on the third position separated by a colon means the folding of the already folded sheet in the previous step from the Top into 2 and hiding the missing part Under.


L2U – such a devise in the fourth group of numbers and letters means the same folding as described before (from the Left, into 2 parts, Under), only that it concerns a sheet already folded twice before.

Example 2: T2U:L2U (for horizontal use)



The designation of the folding scheme is a way for making a model for the folding machine operator. The method of setting knives and cassettes in the machine (depending on the specific model) usually does not cause a problem anymore.

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