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4.8. Location of the uncomplete gathering

If in the Imposition of the work for a sewn binding there is an uncompleted gathering, it is possible to:

  • determining the location of this gathering in the entire block of the book;
  • if the number of pages in an uncompleted gathering allows it - it is divided into smaller gatherings (also uncomplete) with possible further regulation of the position of such gatherings in the book block.

After pressing the right mouse button on the sheet table, the command Change the location of the uncomplete gathering... is available (if there is an uncompleted sheet).

In the dialog box displayed, uncomplete gatherings are marked in color.

The amount of incomplete gatherings can be increased. The maximum number of such gatherings is: the number of pages in uncomplete gatherings/4 (4 is the maximum number of pages in uncomplete gathering).

After changing the amount of uncomplete gatherings, you can adjust the number of pages in each gathering. You can also specify the location of each gathering in the book inset.

Notice: the number of pages in uncomplete gatherings is not the same as the number of sheets. An uncomplete gathering may consist of whole press sheets, whole press and half press sheets, or only half press sheets.

Example: when impositioning a book of 176 pages, 16 pages per sheet, two sheets in a gathering - there are 5 complete gatherings and one uncomplete gathering consisting of one whole press sheet. Total: 6 gatherings. By default, an uncomplete gathering is the penultimate gathering in the block. For a hard-glued binding (especially with a rounded ridge), however, a better arrangement is where, instead of one uncomplete gathering, there are two uncomplete gatherings located at equal distance from both covers. In the example, we replace an uncomplete gathering (from one full 1x16 sheet) to two uncomplete gatherings (consisting of 2x8 half press sheets) - the gatherings will be in the book block as the second and the penultimate one.

Notice! After changing the amount and location of the uncomplete gathering, any change in the number of pages on the sheet, folding method, type of binding or number of sheets in the gathering- will restore the default number of uncomplete gatherings (= 1) and its position as the penultimate one.

The function of changing the position of an uncomplete gathering is not available for a layout of 12 pages per sheet!

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