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License to use the program Impozycjoner

  1. The license specifies the terms of use of the software, binding the author of the program Impozycjoner and its User. The software is protected by Polish and international Copyright including the protection of intellectual property rights.
  2. The subject of this License is the use of the program Impozycjoner, hereinafter referred to as the Program.
  3. The sole owner of the Program, including material copyrights, is the company TEgraf Tomasz Szafranowski, 66-008 Wilkanowo, Osiedle Przylesie 14, email:, NIP 973-032-79-07.
  4. The license entitles you to use the Program:
    • working in time-limited mode ("trial"): on any number of computer stations;
    • working in full mode (unlimited): on the number of positions listed on the invoice issued by the seller of the program to the buyer.
  5. A program working in a time-limited mode does not require any evidence of legal possession.
  6. A program working in a time-limited mode can be used for profit-making purposes.
  7. The invoice and the activation key received from the program owner electronically abolishing the time version restrictions are the only proofs of legitimacy of the Program’s copy working in unlimited mode.
  8. The Program User undertakes not to change the program code in any way (decompilation, disassembly and any other modifications, including translation into other languages is prohibited).
  9. The Program User undertakes not to use in part or in full any information contained in the program and its documentation for purposes other than using the program for its intended purpose.
  10. The transfer of rights to use the Program to third parties is prohibited.
  11. The author and seller of the Program shall neither be liable for any losses resulting from the use or impossibility of using the program, nor bear any liability for damages resulting from the unlawful use of the Program.
  12. The Program User who works in unlimited mode has the right to unlimited free updates, technical assistance and information.
  13. In case of breach of the provisions of the License, the owner has the right to terminate this contract and assert claims arising from the breach, including covering losses due to lost profits.
  14. In matters not covered by this License, the provisions of the Polish Act on Copyrights and Related Rights shall apply.

Educational version of the License – appendix

  1. Terms of use: the program purchased in the educational version can be used only for educational purposes. It is not allowed to perform commercial works with it. The program may not be resold, given as a donation or used as an award.
  2. Authorised to purchase educational versions are schools and colleges, continuing education institutions and practical training institutions – giving trainings in jobs related to printing and prepress.
  3. The program purchased in an education license can be installed on all computers in the workshop (one classroom) - a maximum of 25 computers. Installing the program in another studio requires the purchase of an additional education license.
  4. Teachers teaching the profession have the right to install the program on home computers with the exception of commercial applications.
  5. On request, it is possible to extend the trial period (without the obligation to buy the program).
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