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§1 General conditions

  1. Provisions of the Civil Code apply to entering into contracts using the Internet.
  2. The TEgraf company, hereinafter referred to as the Seller at, offers to conclude agreements for the sale of licenses for computer programs via the Internet. After placing an order and entering into a sales contract for the program, the user will receive a file with an activation code removing the demo version restrictions and stating the license granted by the author of the software.
  3. The TEgraf company does not conduct consumer sales. In order to become a customer and be able to purchase the programs offered, you must have a registered business. All customers will receive a VAT invoice documenting the transaction. It is necessary to provide in the order the exact details of the ordering party, including the address and tax identification number.
  4. By concluding the contract, the client does not buy proprietary copyrights to the computer program, but only a computer program with a license to use, without the right to grant sub-licenses. The license includes in particular: the right to exploit this program by storing it in the computer's memory and on external media and using it on a designated number of positions without the possibility of distributing the program.

§2 Subject of the contract

  1. The subject of the contract is the sale of computer programs delivered in electronic form - downloaded from the site and activated with a file that removes the restrictions of the demo version of the programs.
  2. The offered programs and licenses are software created at TEgraf, made available for commercial use, in accordance with the license bought for the given program.

§3 Placing orders and entering into contracts

  1. Through the website, the Customer selects a variant of the computer program from the available offer, which contains program descriptions, a link through which you can download its demo version and price list.
  2. If the description contained in the offer is not sufficient, the Customer may ask the following e-mail address: or by phone at 68 3 466 466 to get answers to the questions asked.
  3. After launching and testing the program in the demo version, the Customer may enter into a purchase agreement for the full version of the program along with the license by placing the order using the form provided on the website.
  4. The Customer is obliged to filling out the form carefully, providing all data in accordance with the actual state. The effects of bad completion of the form, which may include, for example, failure to deliver the ordered product or delay delivery, are charged to the customer. If from the above reasons, the TEgraf company will suffer damage caused by the culpable act or omission of the customer, will seek compensation for damages on general principles.
  5. The contract is concluded by completing the order form and sending it electronically to the address of the store. Confirmation of the order will be made by sending a separate e-mail containing a pro-forma invoice.

§4 Orders’ realization and making payments

  1. The order will be processed after making a previous payment based on the order confirmation. The date of payment is the date of posting the transfer to the Seller's account.

Bank account number:

  • TEgraf Tomasz Szafranowski
  • 66-008 Wilkanowo, osiedle Przylesie 14
  • Account: Santander Bank Polska S.A. PL88 1090 1535 0000 0001 3645 5911
  1. If we won’t receive the payment within this period of 10 days from the date of order, the order will expire and will be canceled.
  2. The term of the contract is up to 2 business days, depending on the possibility of the producer (distributor) of the software, about which the customer will be informed via e-mail, excluding emergency situations.
  3. Making an order does not mean that the customer automatically acquires rights to the program. The date of conclusion of the contract of sale is the day on which the payment is credited to the TEgraf company account. The commencement of the delivery procedure will take place only after this date.
  4. The appropriate license key, unblocking the limitations of the program in the demo version, will be delivered to the Customer in the form of an attachment to the e-mail with instructions on how to proceed with it.

§5 Guarantee and warranty

  1. The Seller offers programs free from legal defects and efficient from the point of view of their normal use (free from "physical defects" - errors in programs that may hinder or prevent their proper use). The provisions of the Civil Code apply to the warranty for software defects.

§7 Personal data protection

  1. The Seller processes Customer data only for the purpose of performing license sale and invoicing agreements. These data will not be made available to any other entities and will inform you about the possibility of updating the data.

§8 Final provisions

  1. In matters not covered by these regulations, the applicable provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  2. The Seller is not responsible for orders placed by third parties using the e-mail address of the user’s website.
  3. These terms and price lists are valid from the date of their publication on the website Terms and price lists may be changed and revoked in whole or in part. Agreements concluded on the terms applicable before the change of general terms and conditions are carried out in accordance with the rules in force at the time these agreements are concluded.
  4. Any deviations from these conditions require a written form or else shall be null and void.
  5. In case of dispute regarding obligations resulting from the concluded agreements, the parties shall first of all attempt to settle the dispute amicably.
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