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3.6. Cutters' imposition - remarks

Note 1:

To make a pictorial PDF-file with the applied die cutter, press the key to save the preview to the PDF-file (in the group of buttons controlling the preview).

Note 2:

In the case of imposition, in which, for example, every second row contains one less use, the SKIP THE RIGHT EXCESSIVES option should be enabled - IF EMPTY: YES. This will allow you to omit when calculating the print area of free uses lying on the right side of the sheet (when moving the lines) or lying on the bottom of the sheet (when moving the columns).

Note 3:

It is important that the TrimBox PDF-page with the die cutter image and box graphics are identical. Otherwise, enable page centering in the field of use - both on the sheet with the die cutter and graphics. Of course, regardless of the size of the PDF-page - the die cutter must match the page with the graphics.

Note 4:

PDF-files with printed graphics must have a transparent area beyond the bleed. To check if the area beyond the bleed is transparent, in the used PDF browser - enable the option of showing the transparency grid. On the example below, only the Box_1.pdf file is good.

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