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Panel Cutters' imposition

Functions allowing economical imposition of one-sided die-cuts (in other words: irregular shapes) were collected in the Cutters imposition panel, available in the expandable side panel OFFSET PRINT/DIGITAL PRINT. The Cutters' imposition panel is available by selecting the one-sided printing option.

The imposition of die cutters consists in moving the columns and/or rows of the filled uses’ grid by a certain distance (vertically and horizontally) given in millimeters.

  • [1] Elements that adjust the move of rows and columns by the value they specify. Depending on the value (positive or negative), the even or odd elements specified by the switch are moved [2] (rows or columns).
  • [2] An element that determines whether rows or columns will be moved.
  • [3] Enabling this element resets all moves without resetting the element values [1]. It is mainly used to temporarily disable moves to fill a sheet by selecting a page from Tabeli stron do impozycji and clicking on the selected use.
  • [4] [5] Enabling this element [4] causes the imposition of the PDF-file defined by the element on the preview of the impositioned sheet [5]. These functions are used to match the impositioned pages to an existing die cutter (e.g. supplied from outside).
  • [6] Resets all moves (element values [1]).
  • [7] If this element is on, then the end use (right or bottom - whether you have moved columns or rows) - if they are empty, they are not taken into account when counting the printable area. The option enables the imposition of blanking dies with different number of uses in subsequent rows or columns (e.g.: first row: three uses, second: two uses, third: three uses, etc.).

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