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HID - what is it actually? - methods for securing the program

The license of Impozycjoner program is a single-user license. The activation key (in the form of a computer file ####-####-####-####-####. license) is an element defining the user's rights (types of available modules, program usage time, etc.).

Language version

The activation key encodes information about the purchased language version of the program. It is not possible to activate e.g. with a key for the German version of the program - a program in a different language.

Program activation

Activation of the program after the end of the test period - consists of saving the file (key) to the folder MyImpozycjoner and starting the program twice.

Activation key to a computer station

The activation key is assigned to a specific computer station. The program cannot be started with the activation key assigned to another station (with another HID).

The element connecting the activation key with the computer is the so-called HID.

What does HID mean?

HID (Hardware ID) is a special identifier generated by the Impozycjoner program for the computer on which it was installed and started - based on the processor number, number and MAC address of the network card. The HID is represented as a sequence of signs: ####-####-####-####-#### (e.g.: 9E5C-8F63-BE89-1258-BAE8). The probability of the occurrence of two identical HIDs is close to zero.

Information about the HID of the computer on which the program will be used - must be provided in the order form. The personalized activation key will allow you to run the program only on a computer which HID is compatible with the HID encoded in the activation key.

Where is HID to find?

HID can be found in several places:

  • in the "About the program" dialog window;
  • in the dialog window displayed after the end of the trial period;
  • in the MyImpozycjoner folder is written a text file which name (and content) is HID (e.g. 9E5C-8F63-BE89-1258-BAE8.txt).

Transferring the activation key to another computer

The program user who wants to transfer the activation key to another computer should:

  • on the computer used so far: in the "About the program" dialog window select the "Key deactivation" command.

After choosing this command, a text file will appear in the folder MyImpozycjoner, which name consists of the phrase "InvalidationCode_" + HID (e.g. InvalidationCode_9E5C-8F63-BE89-1258-BAE8.txt). This file is a confirmation of deactivation of the activation code. Running the Impozycjoner program on this computer will no longer be possible without contacting the technical support of the program.

  • The generated file with confirmation of key deactivation (e.g. InvalidationCode_9E5C-8F63- BE89-1258-BAE8.txt) and the HID of the new computer should be sent to the Impozycjoner's technical assistance, providing your contact details.
  • The activation key for the new position will be generated as soon as possible (after verifying the contact details).
  • Generating a new activation key is free of charge.

Generating a new activation key (e.g. in case of failure)

If the deactivation of the key is not possible (e.g. in the case of computer failure or theft) then the user should send only the new HID (new computer) to the e-mail support address. Such situations happen and are possible - a new activation key will then be generated (usually within 72 hours, free of charge, after verification of contact details), and the lost HID will be added to the blocked list. Running the Impozycjoner program on such a computer will be blocked forever.

Restoring (reactivating) the deactivated activation key

Starting the Impozycjoner program on the computer on which the key was deactivated is possible after prior contact with the technical support of the program. A detailed algorithm will be passed to each user individually.

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