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1.12. Additional options

[1] If the imposition sheets are double-sided, turning on this option will allow you to rotate the pages of the even sheets 180°.

[2] Three variants of merging result files into larger files: combining all single pages of imposition sheets into one file, merging into sheets or without linking.

[3] Switches allowing to open the last generated PDF-file and a folder with this file - after the imposition sheets have been generated.

[4] If enabled, an additional file (jpg) will be generated to each side of each imposition sheet, resulting from the conversion of the imposition file to jpg. The time needed to generate imposition sheets will be longer.

[5] If enabled, elements showing its parameters will be superimposed for each use: rectangles showing the net, gross, internal margin, row number with the page saved on the use, frame with the file name and bar code (Code128) with the file name. Parameters of superimposed elements (e.g. color, line thickness, type) can be defined in the dialog box Settings > tab: Summary items. The operation of the switch can be observed after switching on the actual image of the impositioned sheets (Preview Management Panel). Sheets with applied elements indicating uses parameters are saved together with impositioned sheets in the same folders. The phrase "--SUMMARY" has been added to the name.

[6] If enabled, the TrimBox area will be defined in the imposition PDFs, which is the sum of all TrimBoxes impositioned on the sheet of files.

[7] Enabling this switch will force optimization of bitmaps in PDF-files during writing.

Notice! Optimization of bitmaps makes sense only if on several PDF-pages there is the same bitmap (e.g. as a background). Optimization of PDF causes that in a PDF-file - instead of multiple duplication of such a bitmap in the file structure, there is only one copy of it and references to it. This allows (in special situations) to significantly reduce the size of the file (in MB), at the expense of increasing the time to save it.

[8] If enabled, the markers required by the cutting plotters will be added in the imposition PDFs according to the current settings of the module Add ploter markers. This option is available only when generating single sheet pages when combining output files.

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