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1.8. Imposition project

In the Impozycjoner program we call a file containing a complete picture of the program status. Imposition program project files have the extension *.impozycjoner and after a properly carried out installation, should have the same icon as the program.

The file with the extension *.impozycjoner saves the complete state of the program, that is all the settings of tags, switches, file tables for imposition, leaflet’s module sheets and table sheets in the book assembly module.

The project save function can also be used to prepare predefined imposition settings for various machines (various stripes, different items etc.). All you need to do is save the project without filling out the pages and Imposition Pages Table.

If the option Save current project when generating imposition is selected in the Options and settings dialog box in the General tab, the file with the current project is generated each time when imposition sheets are generated. The name of the project file is created according to the same rules as the result file name being a combination of all individual files into one (More: [File names](File names)).

The project can also be saved at any time by choosing the command Save project... or Save project as...

Reading the project into the program can also be done by selecting the appropriate command in the menu, as well as by double-clicking the file icon (with the program closed).

The name of the current project is displayed next to the information about the size of the print field on the title bar of the program.

Project’s verification

In the files *.impozycjoner the full path to the files placed in the table of pages to be imputed is saved. When opening a project, the program checks the presence of files in the saved locations.

If this check fails (no file found), the program looks for missing files in the folder from which the project file was loaded.

If the file you are looking for is in this folder, the program will replace the path to such a file in the table with a path like the loaded *.impozycjoner file. If the file does not have an original location and is also not in the project folder - the file will be marked in red in the Imposition Pages Table to be imputed.

Important! Only the presence of the file is checked. Other parameters are not checked (such as the number of pages or their sizes).

The program will refuse to perform the imposition if references to non-existent files are included in the Imposition Pages Table.

Working with imposition projects is a test function. In case of problems with opening files *.impozycjoner, please send them to Their analysis will allow us to improve this service and avoid mistakes in the future.

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