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1.1. Main window

  • [1] The START key opening the menu allows, among others to load a file with a saved imposition project.
  • [2] Ribbon with tools defining the main imposition parameters. Its content depends on the selected type of imposition (leaflet/book). The values of the switches in the ribbon can be saved as default by pressing the right mouse button on the free space of the banner and selecting the command: Save ribbon settings as default on startup (separating for the leaflet imposition module and separately for the book imposition module).

  • [3] Dimensions of the print area, i.e. the dimensions of the area that the impositioned pages occupy and the markers drawn by the program. The number in brackets is the amount by which the color control bars stick out on the left and right (outside the print area).
  • [4] A key to change the colors of the program’s interface.
  • [5] The key that calls the list of additional programs.
  • [6] Image of the sheet being impositioned. The content of this part of the program interface depends on the type of imposition you chose (leaflet/book).
  • [7] A panel with tools to manage the preview of impositioned sheets.
  • [8] Table of pages to imposition.
  • [9] Expandable panel containing elements that control the appearance of the resulting imposition file depending on the type of printing (digital/offset).
  • [10] A set of buttons that enable or disable additional elements on the sheet. A highlighted button means that the element is drawn. The parameters of the element being drawn are determined by pressing the left mouse button. The right key enables / disables drawing the element.
  • [11] A set of default values for additional elements drawn on the sheet. The letter designation of each set can be defined by pressing the right mouse button. Press twice to restore the markup values to the default values in both sets.
  • [12] Pressing the key will call up the menu from which you can access the user folder "MyImpozycjoner" and define program’s options/settings.
  • [13] The key that copies the contents of the Imposition Pages Table from the leaflet module to the book module (and vice versa).
  • [14] Summary of the page’s in the Imposition Pages Table.
  • [15] The key that generates the resulting imposition files. It can be hidden because it is repeated in the pull-down panel OFFSET PRINTING/DIGITAL PRINTING.
  • [16] Part of the status bar showing the full path of the file in the selected row of the page Imposition Pages Table.
  • [17] Part of the status bar that informs you about the size of the use (net and gross) or other selected column/row.
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