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1.11. Offset printing – options

In the offset printing mode, six options are available to define the size of the imposing PDF-file. Each of them can include (or exclude) marks of the side mark.

The switch SHOW RELATION BETWEEN PLATE > PAPER > PDF shows bilateral relations of the position between the selected offset plate, the selected sheet of paper and the generated imposition PDF. Because the amount of information provided in such a way may disturb the planning of a sheet in specific situations, it can be used to turn off showing these mutual relations. The status of this switch does not affect the appearance of the final imposition files (it affects only the displayed preview.)

The red frame shows the size of the imposition PDF.

If you choose the option determining the PDF-size equal to the size of the pre-print - a PDF with the pre-print will be double-sided, the first page of the pre-print will be used on the pages of the odd sheets, and the second page will be used on the even pages. Possible remaining pages of the pre-prints are not taken into account. Own files with pre-prints should be saved in the folder „MyImpozycjoner/Pre-print/Offset”.

Bilateral dependencies between the plate, paper and PDF-file can be defined in the panel Papers and plates. Definitions of plates and papers dedicated to offset printing can be defined in the dialog box: Options and settings.

Technical margin this is the identification of the area of paper used to "catch" it and guide it through the aggregates of the printing machine. Its value is changed by the available paper height.

Grip (punch) is the distance controller of the first imposition element possible to draw from the edge of the plate. In the dialog box Options and settings in the Tab: OTHERS we can choose the definition of the grip. VERSION A: grip means distance from the bottom edge of the plate to the beginning of the first element being drawn. VERSION B: means the distance between the plate’s Edge and the first hrizontal mark of net size, even if it is not drawn.

When selecting the first definition, when changing e.g. the size of bleeds or the length of markers, the position of the horizontal cut mark is movable. With the second grip definition selected, the position is fixed and the distance from the edge of the plate changes to the beginning of the first marker.

If in the folder MyImpozycjoner/PDFs there will be a file named HMB.pdf, at the moment of starting the program, the dimension of the first page of such a file will be read. If the size of the bottom margin is greater than the read height of the horizontal control bar, the following option will be activated: ADD VERTICAL CONTROL STRIP – it makes it possible to place such a file on the sheet of the first page. The horizontal bar is most often the exposure control bar of the offset plate. Items placed in the bottom margin area will not be printed, although visible on the disc.

Putting on the MOVE IMPOSITION VERTICAL and Center switch - will cause the entire imposition image to be shifted up by the calculated quantity so that the horizontal axis of the printable area (centered without the bars of the color control bar) will be aligned with the horizontal line defining the center of the paper. This option is useful when printing with a perfector (using the front mark).

If in the folder MyImpozycjoner/PDFs there will be a file named SM.pdf (letter size is important), at the moment of starting the program, the dimension of the first page of such a file will be read.

The mark of side mark enables the control of „keeping the mark”. It should be placed on the plate so that its center falls exactly on the edge of the printed sheet of paper (on the left and right of the sheet). That is why the necessary knowledge of the sizes of the paper on which the work will be printed.

The number under the marks is the distance (mm) between the centers of both markers (paper width) added by the program.

The mark can be defined manually. More abot the marks of side mark you may find in Options and settings.

Pressing the button Move the image L<>P will bring up a dialog box on the screen that allows you to define an offset of the imposition image to the left or to the right, for each side of the sheet independently. The imposition fragment, which can be found outside the paper when shifted, is colored in violet.

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