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1.6. Sets of additional elements

The button switching between two sets of settings has two states marked (after installation) - as O and D, switched by successive clicks.

The switch is intended primarily for users who use the program for printing on two different settings (e.g. for digital and offset printing) and they need a quick tool to switch the program to a different set of markers.

The buttons for saving and reading settings in the marker dialogs save and read the settings according to the state of this switching buttons. In the predefined settings (after installation) D has been drawn in the D set, all markers are drawn in black only, drawing of color control strips is disabled, editing is performed with the default output digital printing. These printers, which use the program only for one type of printing, can use this mechanism as a setting switch for different machines. The change of the switch's status is signaled by the change of its color and color of all buttons in the program - the set O - blue color, the set D - orange color.

Notice! The last used set is saved by the program when it is closed. Each time the program is run, the last set used is active and restores the mark values defined as the default for this set.

Matching sets

In all dialog boxes defining the elements drawn by the program on the sheet, pressing the drop-down arrow next to the "OK" button will call the button to save the visible parameters of the selected marker - as default for the current set blue/orange).

Saving all current tag parameters as default for the current set can be done in bulk by pressing the button next to the DIGITAL PRINT/OFFSET PRINT switch.

Example: How to change the color of the gross marker to 100C 0M 0C 0K, set the default size of the resulting PDF-file equal to the size SRA3 - and how to save these settings as the default for the "orange" tag set?

The change of the letter marking of the set can be changed in the dialog box available after pressing the right mouse button.

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