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1.14. Spot colors

Two things are needed to define an spot color: the name of the color and its so-called on-screen representation in the CMYK color space. The on-screen representation (other names are: substitute color, alternative color) is information for the PDF-reader, how to display the spot color. In addition, you can specify the shade (tint) of the color.

In the picture: the color of the word LOGO was specified in the graphic program as an additional color named PHANTOM Orange. His onscreen representation is C0 M70 Y100 K0.

For example, to color one of the cubes in the color control bar with this color, you must add it to the color library.

The name of the color defined in the Impozycjoner must match the name of the spot color in the impositioned PDF, exactly to the character - spaces and letters are important. If these names are different, despite the equal alternative definition, they will be different colors and elements in these colors will not be shared.

All elements in the PDF defined in the spot color of the same name are collected on a common separation, the alternative definition does not matter. This means that the additional elements of imposition PDF (e.g. PHANTOM Orange) will be separated together, no matter what program they come from and what definition of the screen representation they have. This means that for offset printing it is less important than its name. In digital printing, where the additional color is converted into CMYK - the opposite is true: the alternative definition is more important than the color name, because the conversion takes place to the CMYK values given in the alternative definition.

The alternative definition of the spot color should be similar to that defined in the graphic programs. For licensing reasons, the program has no available color definitions available in graphics applications. Each user must define them himself, using the graphic program or from numerous tables posted on the Internet. The dialog has simple mechanisms for remembering once defined colors, and with time this library should grow.

One way to build your own spot color library faster is to edit the file "Spot_Color.txt" (folder MyImpozycjoner/Settings), where each line is the definition of the next color with the syntax: name of the color, C, M, Y, K. Preparation of such a file with help of tables found on the Internet, notepad and the "find/replace" function is a matter of 10 minutes.

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