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1.9. TrimBox adjustment

One of the commands available by clicking the right mouse button in the file table for imposition is the command Correct read sizes. Selecting it will open a dialog field, where you can adjust the location and size of the net area if for some reason this area (defined by TrimBox) is considered incorrect.

  • [1] A group informing about the basic parameters of the page on which the correction is made (MediaBox size, number of pages in the file, number of the corrected page - in brackets).
  • [2] A group of elements controlling zoom and preview. The size of the TrimBox (net size) is displayed in the selected color of the translucent color.
  • [3] A group of buttons ("pins") blocking one of the corners, sides or center of the net size. Changing the values of the adjacent boxes does not change the position of the locked corner, side or center of the net size. The net size and its location on the PDF can be determined by entering values directly in the net size group fields. Pressing the Set new use's sizes button changes the defined usage dimensions in the main program window. It does not cause closing the window.
  • [4] The net size can also be determined by the appropriate page crop values from the left, right, top and bottom in the Dimming PDF to net use’s size [mm] field to the net size. Changing the operating mode to the following MODE: CHANGING THE LOCATION OF NET SIZE causes blocking the possibility of changing the net size. From that moment, the group elements define the position of the locked net size on the page.
  • [5] A group of switches defining the scope of the adjustment: only for the loaded page or more. Because assigning new values (location and size) defined on the basis of a particular page to all pages in the file or to all pages of all files in the table can cause problems while impositioning books, after selecting one of these options and pressing the button...
  • [6] ...Correct the location and size of the net area a dialog field will be opened with two options:
    • Yes, I want to apply the defined changes to all pages – as it id
    • I want to apply defined changes distinguishing even and odd sides – symmetrically.

Option 2 should always be selected when the book imposition is performed and the desired content is not centered on the page, and placed symmetrically - the left cut for odd-numbered pages is equal to the right-cut for the even-numbered pages.

In case of adjustment of a larger number of pages - it is not made on pages which size differs from the one currently loaded.

  • [7] A key enabling re-reading of page parameters and withdrawing from changes considered to be incorrect, if any changes have been made. Otherwise: re-reading the area of the original TrimBox area.
  • [8] Under the right mouse button there is a menu that allows to generate a PDF-file (1 page), which contains the net or net area plus 3 mm bleeds of the loaded page. The file is saved in the same folder as the file with the loaded page. The file name is original_filename_G(3) .pdf - where G is cropping to the size of the gross area (N - to net), while the number in brackets (3) indicates the page number in the output PDF-file.
  • [9] 8 nodes enabling coarse positioning of net sizes on the PDF page by moving nodes to a new location with the mouse (similar to vector graphics applications).
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