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2.10. Arrange economically

One of the commands available under the right mouse button for any use is the Arrange economically... command invoking a module that allows to calculate the amount of use that can be placed on defined paper sizes, taking into account the area taken up by markers, descriptions etc. drawn by the program. Paper sizes are defined in the dialog box Options and settings.

Calculation of the possible amount of uses consists in determining the maximum size of the utility grid (number of columns and rows) - an example below for use with a size of 120x60 mm.

[1] Element for determining the machine's grip, i.e. the size that reduces the vertical size of the paper sheet on which the imposition is made. The dimensions of the available area on the sheet on which the areas can be placed are reduced by the size of the area occupied by the color control strips, markers and other additional elements.

[2] i [3] column marked as Columns+1 and the row marked as Rows+1 show how much the size of the available area will be exceeded if we increase the values calculated in Columns and Rows columns by one.

If this value is small, sometimes it is worth looking for it by, for example, reducing the size of bleeds, the length of markers, etc.

At the moment when the window Arrange economically appears on the screen, the row in the table is marked, for which the percentage coverage of the number of columns and rows proposed by the program will be the largest (column %).

Calculations of the maximum number of columns and rows are performed by the program twice: for use without rotation (0°) and with rotation of 90° (gray background). Selecting a row with the appropriate number of columns and rows and pressing the Choose button will close the dialog box and return to the main program window with the changed number of users and the selected rotation angle.

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