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2.7. Cut by the column/row

In the dialog box Use’s new size (visible after pressing the key Use’s height and width (rows and columns)... available in Use’s menu) you can also set the width of the cut by the column (vertical cut) or row (horizontal cut).

The cut is added to the left or right of the selected column and above or below the selected row. For appropriate rows / columns for duplex printing - are added symmetrically.

A cut is not added to extreme columns or rows.

The cuts are reset each time the sheet type is changed.

In double-sided sheets the sections are symmetrical, depending on the type of mark (side/front).

IMPORTANT! In the program Impozycjoner there are other types of cuts: vertical mid-section cut (drawn in half the number of columns - if their number is divisible by 2) and horizontal mid-section cut (drawn in half the number of rows – if their number is divisible by 2). You will find more here: Central gutter: horizontal and vertical.

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