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2.6. Imposition of works in various sizes

If it is necessary to imposition several works of one common size (and a second size) on a common sheet, you can use the function of determining the width of the selected column and / or the height of the selected row. Use’s height and width (rows and columns)... is available in the drop-down menu after pressing the right mouse button in the area of any use.

In the Use's new size dialog box that appears, you can define a new column width and row height. If in the Imposition Pages Table PDF-pages are loaded, then the key = sizes of selected page is active. The column or row with changed dimensions will not be resized when the value of elements regulating the size of the use and its rotation is changed.

Notice! The elements regulating the height and width of the use are available only when the element that sets the same size of bleeds is switched on. The imposition with different sizes of use and various bleeds is not possible!

After entering new values, a column (or row) whose dimensions differ from the value of the user - is marked in blue on the outer edge of the sheet in the simplified preview mode. The size of the selected use is additionally indicated on this bar.

Changing the size of a double-sided print is symmetrical.

Important! Defining the width of columns and rows should take place after determining the target type of sheet.

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