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2.9. Multi-sheet use

The switch regular use/multi-sheet use changes the way of working of the program during the change of use’s parameters. If its position is regular use, it is changing the parameters of any use on the sheet (filling in with PDF-page, cleaning, rotation, page alignment in the field of use) - applies only to the current sheet.

If it is marked as multi-sheet use (additionally marked in red) the change will be applicable to the uses on all sheets lying in the same place as the changed use.

Example 1: The switch regular use/multi-sheet use is off (regular use). The change (capturing the use) of the upper left use by the first page from the Imposition Pages Table takes place only on the current sheet (No. 1). The same use on sheet No. 2 - is free. When the switch is on, a change (capturing the use) takes place on all sheets.

Example 2: This program function can be used to prepare easy the imposition for digital printing using duplex - works (e.g. personalized) having a common the second page.

In step 1, we imposition the first pages with a one-sided sheet, then (step 2) change the type of sheet to two-sided and after loading at the end of the page to imposition – PDF-file with the common second page - fill all the even pages of this page as multi-sheet pages (step 3).

Imposition doesn’t have to be difficult!

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