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2.5. Partial imposition

Partial imposition – this imposition of the planned imposition scheme, omitting the current settings of markers, margins, descriptions, etc. Impositioned with this option, the PDFs are immediately placed on the list of files for imposition in the last positions. It is available under the right mouse button on the grid of uses in three options:

  • Partial Imposition (without markers) – imposition without any additional elements. Only gross area.
  • Partial Imposition (1 mm marker) – imposition with additional cut markers 1 mm long (without registration’s marks or without sheet’s metrics).
  • Partial Imposition (2 mm marker) – imposition with additional cut markers 2 mm long, registration’s marks – diameter 2 mm and simplified description.

The partial imposition file is saved in the folder with the first file loaded into the Imposition Pages Table. The file name is IMP_x.pdf, where x is the next file number in the folder (if, for example, the file name is IMP_4.pdf, this means that there are already files named IMP_1.pdf, IMP_2.pdf, IMP_3.pdf in the folder. Calling the partial imposition command will increase the xo 1 counter. The size of the TrimBox of PDFs generated using the Partial Imposition tool is equal to MediaBox (PDF page size).

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