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Symmetry of bleeds

In double-sided, the bleeds on the other side of the sheet (for whole press sheets) are symmetrical to the first page. In double-sided prints with half press sheets - the bleeds on the respective second half of the sheet are symmetrical to the first half. So, for example, on the first side of a double-sided sheet by the side mark, determination of left bleed = 10 mm and right bleed = 5 mm, will result on the second page of this sheet – left bleed equal to 5 mm and right bleed equal to 10 mm (by the rotation of the use by 0°).

To control the symmetry of bleeds, the switch can be used next to the elements regulating the size of bleeds. Turning it on will result in a simplified bleed preview, the red color of which the regulating element is currently highlighted in red.

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