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2.12. What can go wrong?

Imposition with different bleeds

Impozycjoner allows you to define bleeds of use independently.

It also allows more economical location of uses (see the article Arrange economically). However, if, for example, the reduction of one of the bleeds is to cause more uses to be placed on the sheet, we suggest to reduce the bleeds in pairs (e.g. if it is enough to reduce one of the bleeds, e.g. left, by 2 mm - it is better to reduce the left bleed) and right by 1 mm).

Incorrect imposition with different bleeds may make it difficult or even impossible to properly cut the sheet. In the example below, the use in the second column and the second row is unnecessarily rotated.

A4 to DL horizontal

Despite the fact that the program takes care of the correct rotation of the use for different types of sheets printed on both sides, the performance of a test print (even scaled, on a regular printer) seems to be a necessity. The optical control of the correctness of imposition only on the screen is reserved for operators with extensive experience.

There is a whole group of leaflets on which the rules governing the turnover of uses in the Impositions program - they do not apply. Performing the mock-up and checking the correctness of imposition allows to avoid a catastrophe.

Imposition doesn’t have to be difficult!

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