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Commercial version – licensing method

The Impozycjoner license is a single-station license. The activation key (in the form of a string of digits and letters, e.g., HK4T-VPRB-5TJG-XT5T-BEXV-DR6R-V5) is the item that defines the user's privileges (program usage time).

The software as of version 4.0.0 is activated online.

The program without an entered key (without a license), and after the end of the trial period, works in demonstration mode. In this mode, a watermark is added to the pdf files generated by the software. The software also switches to demonstra-tion mode after uninstalling the license.


The license key must be entered in the Impozycjoner License Installation window [3] called up after pressing the Activate/Deactivate key [1].

After entering a valid key, the installation of the license can be confirmed in the program status bar [2].


Transferring licenses to another computer

The User can transfer the license between two computers on their own. To transfer a license to another computer (e.g., from a business computer to a home computer), uninstall the license on the "business" computer and install it on the home computer, by entering the license key (and vice versa).

NOTE. Be sure to uninstall the license first, before transferring it to another computer. The license is of single-workstation type, and it is not possible to license the program with the same key simultaneously on several computers.

The license can be transferred between TWO selected computers. Transferring the license to a THIRD computer and uninstalling it, will lock the key for 24 hours. Earlier unlocking will require contacting technical support.

Possible problems

If, after installing the software, an attempt to run it ends up displaying the following message:

this means that the system lacks the necessary Visual C libraries. You can install them manually by downloading the installer: vc_redist.x64.exe

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