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5.7. Additional margin

Dialog box Parameters of added margins concerning additional margins allows you to add an empty field (margin) between the tags and impositioned pages. This space can be filled with bleeds from files or colored tint.

Setting of colored tint

Tint - it is a rectangle (white or colored) placed under the whole printable area on the lowest layer. If the distance between markers and uses > 0, this is the additional area, that the tint fills up. The color of the tint can be defined in CMYK. If on the PDF there are no defined objects filling the whole surface with a color or bitmap, the tint will be visible in the background.

To add colored tint under the print field, the distance between markers and the uses do not have to be larger than 0.

The colored tint can be used as a substitute for bleeds in projects where background is a uniform color defined in CMYK. Options in the Parameters of added margins dialog box apply mainly in specific situations to impositioning leaves.

Bleeds on the outer edges of the imposition

If the uses, in which definitions there are edges without bleeds, are impositioned, where such edge is also a part the imposition edge, the surface created by removing markers from the use, you can fill up the bleeds as far as it exists physically.

Bleed on imposition edges can be visible, if it physically exists in the page's definition. The imposition without bleeds between uses, but with bleeds on the outer edges of imposition is being done, to decrease the number of cuts necessary to cut out the project.

Example: on the left - typical imposition with bleeds larger than 0 (all). The number of cuts for used impositioned this way is 8. On the right: imposition with bleeds = 0 and outer bleeds. The number of cuts necessary to cut out the sheet is 6.

The edges of imposition are the edges on both sides of vertical and horizontal cuts.

Not all bleeds must be reset to use the options leaving bleeds on the outer edges.

Example: reseted bleeds: left, right and top. Bottom bleed = 3 mm. It is possible to correctly imposition, in which the bottom edge (with a bleed) will be treated typically, while the remaining edges, if they are on the outer edges of the imposition, will have an added bleed, if not - the bleed will not be added. In the example imposition, the second row has uses rotated by 180°, in the remaining rows (1 and 3) 0°.

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