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MyImpozycjoner folder

„MyImpozycjoner” is a special folder, in which the program user writes his own definitions of some of the files used by the program. The folder is created the first time you run the program (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\MyImpozycjoner).

Access to this folder is possible:

  1. After pressing twice on the button in the dialog window with progress bar the program starts.

  1. By pressing the button in the lower right corner of the main program window:

  2. By pressing the button in a window displayed after the activation key expires or the trial period ends.

Transferring settings to another computer

To transfer the settings used by the program to another computer, you must move the entire contents of the „MyImpozycjoner” folder (all files and folders).

Restoring post-installation settings

To bring the program to the after installation state, you need to delete all files from the MyImpozycjoner folder, the Settings subfolder and restart the program.


If we want to restore the values of markers to the post-installation state, leave the following files in the folder: Papers.imp - paper definitions; Plates.imp - disc definitions; Spot_Colors.txt - additional color definitions; Falcownica.txt - definitions of additional markers of the „Adds folding marks” module.

„MyImpozycjoner” folder’s structure

The most important file in the „MyImpozycjoner” folder is the file with activation key ####-####-####-####-####.license (where ####-####-####-####-#### is computer’s HID). Without this file starting the program after the trial period will not be possible.


In a situation in which several accounts are assigned to one stand (e.g. in a school classroom), to avoid copying the key to the MyImpozycjoner folder for each account - a key file can be written to the C drive in a folder with exactly the same name as the file name with the key (i.e., for example, the key for the stand with HID = 0EB3-1F60-3D9B-88B7-62CA can be saved to the folder C:\0EB3-1F60-3D9B-88B7-62CA).

The CCS folder should contain its own definitions (in the form of pdf files) of the Color Control Strip.

There must be three files in the PDFs folder:

  • SN.pdf – sidemark’s definition;
  • HMB.pdf – definition of horizontal control strip placed in the grip area;
  • VMB.pdf – definition of vertical control strip placed in the vertical gutter area.

The Settings folder contains files generated and modified by the program at runtime. Most of them have the extension .imp, and a few of them .txt. Regardless of the extension, they are all text files (which can be edited using e.g. Notepad).

The Pre-print folder is divided into two subfolders: Digital and Offset. In these folders, PDF-files (underlays) should be saved, which the Impozycjoner program can place (or overlap) on / above the impossed pages.. In the Digital folder - under prints used in digital printing, in the Offset folder - undercoats used in offset printing.

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