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Please complete all required fields. After receiving the order, we send a pro-forma invoice. The order will be processed after the payment is credited to the account, the number of which is given on the invoice. Not paying a pro-forma invoice within 10 days from the date of issue, we treat as a resignation from the order.

If the buyer owns the VAT Information Exchange System VAT Number - VIES (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en), the purchase price is the net price (the buyer will calculate the VAT tax himself - applies to sales in the territory European Union with the exception of Poland). If the VAT number is not registered in the VAT Information Exchange System - VIES, then a VAT tax of 23% will be added to the price.

Warning! By using this form you order a program in the English language version. You can order the program in the Polish language version on the Impozycjoner.pl.

After sending the form, a pro-forma invoice will be sent to the address given in the order (taking into account any discounts, not visible in the price list).

Frequently asked questions

1. On how many positions can I use the purchased program?
The program license is a single-user license. You should buy one license for each stand.
2. What will happen if I change my computer?
Before changing the computer (if possible), you should deactivate the license - without this, the attempt to enter the code on the new computer may fail.
3. Can I buy a program without having registered a business?
We do not sell consumer goods. You must run a business to buy the Personalizer program.
4. Do I have to pay for new versions (updates) of the program?
All updates (removing errors noticed and introducing new functions) are free for the entire lifetime of the program.

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