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Privacy policy

TEGRAF will process information voluntarily provided by the user in accordance with applicable law.
Entering data in the order form is necessary for correct invoicing.
The data provided in the forms are not saved anywhere and are not passed on to third parties.

Privacy policy

Website’s,,, administrator is:

TEgraf Tomasz Szafranowski, 66-008 Wilkanowo, Osiedle Przylesie 14, NIP 973-032-79-07.

Anonymous browsing

The user can browse the site without entering personal data. To view the content of the website and to download the shared files, we do not require you to create an account, enter any password and login. We do not store or collect any personal data.

Processing of data provided in contact forms

As part of using the contact form and the order form, we only collect the data necessary to issue an invoice (VAT number, company name, business address). We do not collect personal data because we do not sell consumer goods. Personal data provided by the user redundant or erroneous, are deleted (they are nowhere saved and stored). The e-mail address provided by the user is used only for the purpose of order fulfillment (sending the activation key).

We do not send any newsletters or commercial offers. We do not transfer e-mail addresses to third parties. For invoicing, we use


The uses so-called cookies saved by Google Analytics only for statistical reasons. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser. Cookies do not contain any personal data. If the user does not want to receive cookies, he can change the browser settings - details in the help files. Disabling the option of accepting cookies does not make it impossible to read or view the content posted on the website

In the case of any of the questions or doubts related to the privacy policy, with the website’s administrator under e-mail adress:

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