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Terms and definitions

What kind of PDF-files are suitable for imposition?

Generally, to perform an imposition in the Impozycjoner program, PDFs should meet the requirements of PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 standards. If in the application generating PDF, it is not possible to generate a PDF-file complying with the mentioned standards, the PDF should be as low as possible (up to 1.4). The use of PDF incompatible with the PDF/X standard may lead to unexpected results (e.g. the use of layers in PDFs compatible with PDF/X is prohibited). If there are hidden layers in the PDF used in the imposition, they will be visible in the resulting imposition file).

Impozycjoner program check the version of PDF used for imposition. Files generated by the program can be in versions from 1.4 to 1.6.


Page: one of the surfaces of the leaf, usually printed, but not necessarily. It does not appear alone, only in pairs - leafs. Proof: you cannot take one page off the book, you can tear a piece of paper (i.e. two pages). The side also has its own parameters (e.g. bleeds). If after unfolding the book lies on the right side, then this is the odd side, on the left - even.

Leaf: part of a book, newspaper, magazine, notebook, notebook etc. It is also worth remembering that the leaf has two pages, not vice versa.

Leaflet: a printing product that is neither a book nor a magazine, nor a printed packaging. Leaflet is a printing product consisting of one leaf, printed on one or both sides - from the postage stamp or business card to the poster.

Sheet: is a piece of paper, where are from a few to a dozen pages of the publication printed, on both sides of it. The number of pages placed on the sheet depends on its format and the target size of the publication, e.g. on A3 sheet you can put 4 A4 pages (2 on each side) or 8 A5 pages (4 on each side).

Half press sheet: is a sheet in which the same set of plates was used to print its second page (in digital devices: the same result PDF-page with imposition).

Whole Press sheet: is a sheet in which different set of plates was used to print its second page (in digital devices: different result PDF-page with imposition).

4-Pages: for impositions performed by the Impozycjoner program, the leaflet consists of two leafs, which respective pages are at the same distance from the cover, e.g. pages 1 and 2 + the last and last but one side, or e.g. pages 3 and 4 + pages 37 and 38 for 40-pages publications. Otherwise: two printing pairs. The concept occurs in principle only in the saddle or sewn-glued binding, of which the simple conclusion is that the number of pages in a publication intended for one of these types of bindings must be divisible by 4 (in the glued binding by 2).

Gathering: printed folded sheet of paper (once or more). For impositions performed with the Impozycjoner program, a gathering is more than at least 2 complex sheets of paper. "Single-sheet" gathering will still be called “sheet”.

Completed and uncompleted gathering: if, for example, the book's inside (that is, what lies between the covers) consists of for example, 4-sheet gatherings, we call such gathering – completed gathering. If there is a gathering, that consists of fewer sheets, it will be called uncomplete premium. The uncomplete gathering may also consist of one sheet (half or full) or a combination of whole and half sheets.

Book block: a set of gatherings (also single folded sheets) or pages. When connected to the cover it becomes a book or notebook. The insert can consist of gatherings (multi-gatherings and single gathering) or leaf.

PP - Perfect binding, SB - Sewn binding, SS - Saddle stitching

Leaf book block is used to prepare a book out of many pages glued together (Perfect binding). Multi-gathering single-sheet book block is used to prepare a book out of many pages glued together or single sheet folded together. Multi-gathering multi-sheet book block is used to prepare a book stitched or saddle-stitched (sewn binding?). Single-gathering multi-sheet book block is an element of saddle-stitched binding.

Use - is a potential place on the sheet, in which it will be fitted - or otherwise - on which the PDF-page will be placed. The parameters of use are: horizontal (H) and vertical (V) net, horizontal and vertical gross, bleeds and rotation. Uses are placed on a sheet in a table with a defined number of columns and rows.

Use’s table: table, determined by the number of columns and rows in which the pages of the PDF-document to be impositioned. In the imposition module, pages are placed in the appropriate places by the user manually, in the book imposition module, the program is placed by the program, according to a specific algorithm.

Imposition PDF: PDF document resulting from the Impozycjoner program. The content of the document consists of selected pages from the document to be impositioned, respectively cropped, rotated and arranged in appropriate places.

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