Download program (version

The program version 3.8.x.x requires .Net Framework 4.5.2

  DOWNLOAD THE IMPOZYCJONER FOR WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 BIT) - English language version

  DOWNLOAD THE IMPOZYCJONER FOR WINDOWS XP, VISTA (32/64 BIT) - English language version

Warning messages of the SmartScreen filter are possible.

Access to Internet

Once per 100 starts, the computer on which the program is used must have access to the Internet (to the website). During connection with the device, it is being checked if the activation key used is valid.

Installing the update

Each time the program is running on a computer connected to the Internet, the presence of updates is checked. Updates are downloaded and installed the next time the program is launched.


What's new?

Changes in the version (15.02.2019 r.)

  • We added a new command into the Menu of the Imposition Pages Table, which allows you to extract the selected page from a multi-pages PDF-file, convert it, save it to the disk and load the page to the Imposition Pages Table - in place of the selected one.