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5.8. Central gutter: horizontal and vertical

Gutter – pasting additional space in the vertical or horizontal axis of the sheet, as long as the number of rows or columns allows it (it is divisible by 2). In the vertical axis, you can place the contents of a file named VMB.pdf (its first page, MyImpozycjoner/PDFs folder), if the system allows it (the number of columns divisible by 2 and the width of the section larger than the width of the saved bar).

The vertical control strip can be used to place additional control elements on the sheet. The strip installed together with the program is for demonstration only.

CALCULATE key allows you to quickly set such a vertical section value, that both parts of the sheet after cutting will have identical margins on the left and right sides of the gross areas placed on them. The CALCULATE key for the horizontal gutter works similarly, with the limitation that in the offset printing mode it will be active only when centering the print field vertically is enabled.

Notice! Each change of a parameter that can influence the calculated value of the section (e.g. paper size) necessitates their recalculation (the calculated values do not change automatically).

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