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4.6. Types of half press sheets

The number and types of half press sheets are determined by the number of pages that are not included in the whole press sheets - the rest from the number of pages to imposition / the number of pages per sheet.

List of numbers and types of uncomplete sheets for glued and/or stitched binding (in the stitched binding the number of pages must be divided by 4):

For 16 pages on the sheet:

  • the rest = 14 (e.g. for 46 pages project): sheet 2x8 + sheet 4x4 + sheet 8x2
  • the rest = 12 (e.g. for 44 pages project): sheet 2x8 + sheet 4x4
  • the rest = 10 (e.g. for 42 pages project): sheet 2x8 + sheet 8x2
  • the rest = 8 (e.g. for 40 pages project): sheet 2x8
  • the rest = 6 (e.g. for 38 pages project): arkusz 4x4 + sheet 8x2
  • the rest = 4 (e.g. for 36 pages project): sheet 4x4
  • the rest = 2 (e.g. for 34 pages project): arkusz 8x2

If the rest = 14, then it should be considered whether the addition of 2 pages will not simplify the book production process. After adding 2 pages, one more whole press sheet will be created (the rest = 0), instead of three half press sheets - which seems to be a better solution. In general, the principle should apply that the number of pages in the book - if it is not divisible by 4 - is a mistake.

For 12 pages on the sheet:

For 12 pages, there are no half press sheets in the program, only special sheets.

  • the rest 10 (e.g. for 34 pages project): special sheet 1x10 (whole press sheet, with two empty uses)
  • the rest 8 (e.g. for 32 pages project): special sheet 1x8 (whole press sheet, with four empty uses)
  • the rest 6 (e.g. for 30 pages project): special sheet 2x2 + 2x4
  • the rest 4 (e.g. for 28 pages project): special sheet 3x4
  • the rest 2 (e.g. for 26 pages project): special sheet 6x2

For 12 pages per sheet: just like for half press sheets, the order of special sheets is determined by dragging the selected sheet (last whole press sheet or special sheet) to the right place in the Define the order of half press sheets dialog box.

For 8 pages on the sheet:

  • the rest 6 (e.g. 14 pages project): sheet 2x4 + sheet 4x2
  • the rest 4 (e.g. 12 pages project): sheet 2x4
  • the rest 2 (e.g. 10 pages project): sheet 4x2

For 4 pages on the sheet:

  • the rest 2 (e.g. 6 pages project): sheet 2x2

In the case of imposition for digital printing with pages in the stack – half press sheets do not appear.

Imposition doesn’t have to be difficult!

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