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4.5. Whole press sheet and half press sheet

Half press sheet is a sheet in which the same plates were used for printing on the other side as for printing the first page. The same plates or the same PDF-file in digital devices. Pages that do not fit on full sheets are placed on half press sheets. The number of different pages on a half press sheet is smaller than the number of pages - there are to find pages duplicated 2, 4 or 8 times.

If the number of pages of an impositioned document is such that after filling in whole press sheets - there remain pages that are not included, the program places them on one (or several) half press sheets.

Half press sheets they marked in gray in the Sheet Table.

Example: for a publication consisting of 40 pages (16 pages per sheet, glued binding) - 16 pages of the document will be placed on the whole press sheet, on the second one - 16 pages. Total: 32 pages. As there are 40 pages in the document, the remaining 8 pages will be placed on the half press sheet. These are pages with numbers 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

The fact that these pages will be included on the half press sheet is determined by the rule adopted, which requires on half press sheets to put pages with such numbers, so that an half press sheet is not the last sheet (for glued binding). The last sheet should always be a full sheet. In the example above, there is one blank sheet, number 2(H).

An example of an half press sheet is marked as 2x8S. This mark indicates that there are 8 different pages of the document on the sheet, each duplicated twice. After printing the first page of the sheet, turning over to the other side by the side mark B and its printing, then cutting into 2 parts along the short axis - two smaller sheets will be created, on each of 8 pages.

The order of half press sheets and the last whole press sheet (i.e. the last sheets in the block) can be set as default for subsequent impositions - after selecting the command Define the default order of half press sheet. You can also change the position of half press sheets for the current imposition (command Change the position of half press sheet...). These commands are available under the right mouse button in Sheets Tabel. More: The default order of half press sheets.

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