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2.15. Filling according to the pattern

Filling according to the pattern (first sheet) is available, if:

  • PDF-files are loaded into the Imposition Pages Table;
  • any uses on the first sheet are occupied;
  • the first sheet is active;
  • the remaining sheets are empty.

Filling according to the pattern (first sheet) automates a sequence of activities consisting of:

  • generating imposition PDF-file from the first sheet;
  • deleting pages enclosed in the imposition from the Imposition Pages Table;
  • re-generating the imposition PDF from the first sheet;
  • re-deleting the pages from the Imposition Pages Table;
  • etc., until the pages are exhausted in the Imposition Pages Table.

This tool enables, for example, quick generation of imposition of large quantities of double-sided prints or sheets filled in a special way.

Example: after choosing Filling according to the pattern, the program will place the page from the first row of the Imposition Pages Table on the sheet 3 times, and the page from the second row - 5 times. After generating the imposition sheet, it will delete the first two lines from the Imposition Pages Table. The "new" first two rows (resulting from the upward movement of the row table no. 3 and 4) will fill the sheet automatically - after which the imposition sheet will be generated again. This sequence of actions will continue until all rows in the Imposition Pages Table have been exhausted.

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