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2.13. Spreadsheet Creator

Spreadsheet Creator, allows to divide sheets of series A or B (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3) into smaller ones, with the possibility of combining the formats resulting from this division. The principle of the wizard's functioning consists (more or less) of performing several impositions and applying them to each other.

Sheet size

The sizes of particular formats resulting from the division of the output sheet were collected in the table. You can find more about the division of sheets here:

Format’s symbol Sheet’s dimensions [mm] Format’s symbol Sheet’s dimensions [mm]
A1 594×841 B1 707×1000
A2 420×594 B2 500×707
A3 297×420 B3 353×500
A4 210×297 B4 250×353
A5 148×210 B5 176×250
A6 105×148 B6 125×176
A7 74×105 B7 88×125
DL-A format 99×210 DL-B format 117x250

The DL format resulting from the division of the B4 sheet into three parts is not listed on the Wikipedia website, however, the possibility of dividing the B4 sheet remains in the program. Similarly, the A7 and B7 formats.

The program can determine the size of the output sheets according to ISO 216 - or takes user’s own settings (Tab: Wizard in the Options and Settings dialog box).

Use’s sizes

The two lower-order formats are equal to one higher-order format (e.g., 2xA5 = A4). Only when the size of bleeds is equal to 0, the sizes of the formats are equal to those given in the table.

When the value of bleeds is greater than zero, the size of the higher order is the sum of the gross sizes of the lower formats, e.g. if the smallest sheet is A6, the size of the use for A4 sheet is not equal to A4 gross sheet, only four gross sheets A6.

Uses sizes and DL format

The principle of determining the size of the print area and the size of the pages for each sheet complicates the presence of the DL output format.

If there is a DL sheet and A5 or A6 sheets on the sheet, then when determining the size of the print area and the size of the sheets, the sizes DL, A5 and / or A6 are taken into account, the number of which is larger on the corresponding size of the output sheet.

If the format DL and / or A5 (A6) is on the sheet, then the size of the areas also changes for themselves (DL and A5 / A6).

Aligning pages

In the Spreadsheet Creation Wizard mode, the rules for aligning pages placed on the uses remain the same as in the assembly mode (on odd columns – to the left, on even - to the right, on odd rows - up, on even lines - down) - for each of the partial formats independently. This allows you to reduce the number of cuts needed to cut pages from the imposition sheet.

The size of the print area

The size of the print field (net count, no markers, ticks, etc.) is determined by the gross size of the smallest sheet placed on the output sheet.

Example: if the output sheet A1 is divided so that the smallest use on it will be the A5 format, then the width or height field of the print area will be the product of the appropriate gross size of A5 and the amount of A5 used along that side.

Imposition with bleeds >0: if, for example, the output sheet A2 is divided into four uses A5 and two uses A4, then the width of the print area (without additional elements) will equal the product 4 x gross A5 (with bleeds = 2 mm: 4 x (2 + 148 + 2) = 608 mm). There will be a gap between the widths of 608- (2 x (2 + 297 + 2)) = 6 mm between the A4 spaces.

Imposition with bleeds = 0: with the same division of the sheet, the width of the print area is the product of two net sizes A4 (2x297 = 594 mm), and not four net sizes A5 (4 x 148 = 592 mm). Between the second and third use of A5 there will be a 2 mm wide gap (594-592). It results from the definition of size A5: 148x210 mm, not 148.5x210 mm (an A4 sheet cut in half does not form two A5 sheets).

How does the Spreadsheet Creator work?

The Spreadsheet Creation Wizard mode is invoked by selecting the appropriate command from the menu available under the right mouse button for any use (free or busy) in the leaflet’s imposition mode.

In the dialog box called after selecting this command, the size of the output sheet and the type of print / sheet are determined.

  • The division of the worksheet into smaller ones (or removal of the division) is done by choosing the appropriate command available under the right mouse button for any use.
  • The division into three parts applies only to A4 / B4.
  • Both free and busy uses can be divided.
  • The division of double-sided sheets takes place symmetrically.
  • The use of the use’s is the same as in the leaflet imposition mode - by selecting a row from the Pages Imposition Table and clicking on the selected use.
  • For double-sided sheets, there is also the function of simultaneously placing two pages from the same file by pressing and holding down the F2 key.

When the Wizard is running, all unnecessary items from the toolbar of the job mode are turned off. Only the change in bleed value works (in wizard mode it is possible to mount only with bleed equal on each side) and to add 180 ° to the additional rotation. Until the completion of the Wizard, it is also not possible to switch to book imposition mode.

Change the alignment of the page placed on the sheet: in the Wizard mode it is not possible to change the page alignment method.

Rotating manual use and cleaning of use: the same as in the leaflet’s imposition mode - by selecting the appropriate command available under the right mouse button.

Net and gross size markers

Net and gross size markers are drawn for busy uses lying on the edges of the imposition sheet.

To make it easier to cut the uses inside the sheet, you can turn drawing of them “at once” before placing them on the imposition sheet. The option to enable drawing of these markers is available in the Settings dialog box in the Wizard tab.

Its working consists in determining the real net value read by the program (if the net size will differ from the nominal size of the use, the markers drawn on the edges of the sheet and drawn on the fly on the side will not overlap).

In this tab you can also enable warning about the incompatibility of the size placed on the page sheet and the size of the use - if this difference is greater than the determined value. Attempt to place a page with sizes different than the size of the use will end with a prompt asking for confirmation.

Finishing of Wizard mode

The end of the wizard's work mode is done by selecting from the menu available under the right mouse button on any use following command: Exit the Spreadsheet Creator.

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