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2.1. About Personalizer

The Personalizer software is used to personalize pdf files, that is, to apply individual data to consecutive pages of a pdf file.

The program can superimpose objects of five types on the background pages:

  • raster graphics files;
  • pdf pages;
  • codes (CODABAR, CODE 11, CODE 128, CODE 25, CODE 39, CODE 93, EAN 13, EAN 14, EAN 8, ISBN, ISMN, ISSN, POSTNET, QR);
  • text frames;
  • • special text frames with automatic numbering.

To demonstrate the program's ease of use and versatility, we will do our first personalization using a specific example, in which we will use most of the tools available in the Personalizer

The task is to make personalized badges for the 400th participants of the fictitious Blue Color Enjoyers Conference. We personalize each badge with five different items:

  1. a photo of the participant;
  2. a text box with the participant's ID number;
  3. a text frame with the participant's first and family name;
  4. a text box with the participant's email address, phone number and country of origin;
  5. a QR code, in which the name of the conference participant is encoded.

After completing the task, we should receive a pdf file ready for imposition, containing 400 pages.


For personalization, you will need a background and data. The background we will use was prepared in a graphics application and saved in pdf format. A spreadsheet (Excel file) was used to collect the necessary text data.


The columns of the sheet contain the following information:

  • The ID (identification number) of each conference participant (numbers ascending from 001 to 400);;
  • first and family name;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone number;
  • country of origin.

Since the badges are to be personalized with photos of rally participants, we have 400 photos available in a separate folder. The file names are participant identification numbers. And one last piece of information. So that there is no doubt about the arrangement of the various objects, their size and colors, we have included a template for the badge (file: ID-Card-example.pdf).

We suggest printing out the template of the badge and manually annotating it with the dimensions and parameters of the objects, the coordinates of their location and other instructions to facilitate the task.

The personalization project can be saved. The files have the extension (format): *.pers.
It is worth updating the stored file after each stage of the task.

Download the set of materials needed to make a badge (background, text data file, set of photos, badge template).

Sample data were created using online generators: and


Translated by: ProZ

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